So You Want a Photography Studio?

So you want a studio?

I have rarely met a photographer who owns his or her own business and can happily sit back and say, “I’m satisfied.” It doesn’t matter what your business is – business owners are driven and ambitious, passionate and a purposeful. And that’s what keeps them moving.

Our Studio Story

About seven years ago my wife Joy and I were traveling from Chattanooga, Tennessee, back home to Orlando, Florida. She was working as a nurse and I was working as a corporate communications executive at a healthcare management company. On the side, our part-time wedding photography business was growing. We stopped north of Atlanta to visit a friend who had just opened a photography studio. After a couple hours visiting with her, I was convinced that we needed to quit our jobs and launch full-time into the business of wedding photography. I couldn’t get it out of my mind.

Fortunately, …

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