Lightroom 3.0 Review & Tutorial

Adobe Lightroom 3.0 is available and worth every penny.  Here are my favorite new features in Lightroom 3.0 and how I use them.  It’s a long one, but the aren’t any new episodes of 24 to watch, so you should have plenty of time.


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To learn more about the best workflow methods and Adobe Lightroom, go to

Adobe Lightroom 3.0 My Favorite New Features from Jared Platt on Vimeo.

Written by Jared Platt

Jared …

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Split Toning Color Images in Adobe Lightroom (Video Tutorial)

Post-Production is as much a part of the process of photography as is pressing the shutter, or lighting the subject.  Because of this fact, I am driven to find the very best ways to enhance my images with the very best quality and in the most efficient way possible.  This is what I teach in my workshops.  One of the many tips I have mentioned in my workshops, which surprisingly receives gasps of awe is the idea of using the Split Tone options in Adobe Lightroom for color images rather for than black and white images.  So, I thought I would pass this little tidbit of information on to you today. Split Toning color images in Lightroom.

To learn more about the best workflow methods and Adobe Lightroom, go to  Watch for the Adobe Lightroom Workflow Workshop Tour coming to your city in the late summer and throughout the fall.

Split …

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Lightroom Catalog Portability and Syncing Tutorial

If you are using lightroom on more than one computer, say a laptop and a desktop, or perhaps you have an assistant to does some of your post processing work, or you have outsourced your post processing to Shoot Dot Edit, you will find that knowing how to share, transfer and sync Lightroom Catalogs as well as image XMP data will be invaluable.  Most often, I am using this feature to take a little work with me on my laptop as I am traveling to teach a workshop.  But many of you will also find this lesson useful in outsourcing your work to someone like Shoot Dot Edit.

To learn more about the best workflow methods and Adobe Lightroom, go to  Watch for the Adobe Lightroom Workflow Workshop Tour coming to your city in the late summer and throughout the fall.

Lightroom Catalog Portability and Syncing from Jared Platt on Vimeo.

Written …

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Inside the Image- Lightroom Custom Vignettes

Living in the desert is a unique experience.  Forget about the 120 degree summer days and the horribly unfriendly plant life.  To me, the weather is quite fascinating.  I love the monsoon rainstorms and the lightning is fantastic.  Other places in the world have their own challenging weather situations, many much more dangerous.  There are tornadoes, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, etc…  and none of these options are very appealing to me, which is why I prefer my native state of Arizona.  But we do have our own unique weather effect: the dust storm.

I was traveling back from a job in Tucson and took a back road route home (rather than the freeway).  I enjoy doing this because everything goes by so quickly on the freeway and there is no inclination to stop and look at anything (and of course, it would be illegal to do so).  So the back roads are …

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Not Your Typical Engagement Shoot

An Open Letter to Jim:

Last week, you came to the Phoenix PUG and spoke with us about success. The business stuff was great, but I took something away from that night which was far more important and I wanted to show you the results. You spoke of why photographers fade. Photographers get stuck in the same routine, and stop trying new things. Interesting that we as creatives would be satisfied with standing still and resting on the creative laurels of our past. “Push yourselves into new territory”, you said (I donʼt know if you said that, but it is a good paraphrase). Well, I am a documentary photographer and when I shoot weddings and engagement photos, I typically shoot things that are unposed and fluid, but I took your talk to heart and decided to do something a little different with an engagement session. And here are the results.

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Guess that ISO – A Lesson in Film and Digital Grain Structures

So I have a little game I first played with Elizabeth Pratt from Canon. The game is called “Guess that ISO”. We are going to play it here today. For those of you who are not professional photographers, ISO is the sensitivity rating of the film or chip in the camera. Lower ISOs are best in bright lighting conditions and higher ISOs allow for proper exposure in low light situations.

Here is the image we are going to work with. It was shot with a Canon 1D Mark IV. This is the final image with various adjustments and increased noise reduction etc. I just wanted you to get a feel for the image we are working with.

The Fine Print:

The zoomed in detail images below have only one adjustment applied. I have to be upfront here, I am not going to show you the original image with no noise reduction because that …

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Know Who Your Clients Are and Let the Other Ones Go

Sit back and let me tell you a story. One that is a bit too open, but I am going to tell it because it is the elephant in the room and must be discussed, regardless of whether or not past and potential clients can read this blog.

I met the couple downtown in a coffee shop / book shop.  I had only ever spoken to the bride and she seemed very nice on the phone.  She was so cute and so very nice, and he was a bit full of himself.  As I spoke with the clients, I got an uneasy feeling, but I enjoyed the bride to be well enough and they (meaning she) seemed to like my work. So I gave them my pricing information, and told them to call me when they were ready to book.

When I arrived home, I told my wife I didn’t think that …

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Speaker Spotlight


Greetings from an accidental storm chaser:

As you know, I have been traveling, teaching the Lightroom Workflow Workshops over the last few weeks and I just finished one in Houston, Texas today (Thursday, October 29th).  I planned my workshop tour to coincide with Pictage Partner Conference, in New Orleans.  But, with a few days to myself, I thought I would swing up to visit my family in Shreveport, Louisiana.  Have you seen the weather lately?  An absolute nightmare of a storm has spread itself directly up my path with tornados touching down all over Shreveport.  So, while my family hunkers down in a closet amidst storm sirens, and with road closures everywhere, I am left half way between Houston and Shreveport in a Best Wester Hotel watching an HBO encore of George Clooney’s “The Perfect Storm.”

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Undeniable Truth

Undeniable Truths of Life (including jpgs)

There are certain things I hold as undeniable truths in life, among these are:

1.  God exists. 2.  All humans are endowed by God with certain unalienable rights and among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. 3.  Hot liquid magma is not a toy. 4.  JPGs are a very bad filetype!

I know that most of you reading this entry will say, “well I shoot RAW, so I’m cool!”  But you may only be half right about that.  So let me fill you in and then you take stock of your image pipeline and decide weather or not what you feel good about what you are doing.  I am not passing any judgement on you, I will leave that between you and God.  (See truth #1).

It is a foregone conclusion that shooting a JPG as a filetype is a bad idea.  For those of you who are …

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What’s On Your Desktop?

So your computer is slowing down to the point of a near crawl, your Adobe Lightroom database is slowing down too, but you have lots of RAM (critical to image editing speed) and a fast new processor.  Nothing has changed on your computer.  So why is everything so slow?  There are a few of things that can be effecting the general speed of your computer and your Lightroom database and they are easy to fix.

The speed of your computer may be directly proportional to your organizational skills.  If your desktop looks like a landfill with hundreds of documents and folders on it, you are probably not very organized and a slow computer is the least of your problems, but you should know that your procrastination of organizing your files is also causing your computer to slow down.  When you park larger movie files or folders with gigabytes of images on …

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