Marketing Through a Charity Means Defining Your Mission

“How were you able to start marketing through a charity?”

This is such a great question and one that I am often asked. Although my involvement with the March of Dimes came from the local director reaching out to me, there are some steps you can take to utilize your photographs in a charitable way to market your studio.

Here are my top tips for marketing through a charity by defining your mission:

Be passionate. Regardless of the charity you choose, you have to have sincere passion for the cause. What do you love? What touches your heart? Is there a cause that reaches close to home, or that has affected you personally? Be proactive. Charities always need photography of their events. I got started with the March of Dimes by using the director’s point-and-shoot to document the event, since the “official” photographer was a no-show! Be inventive. Have meetings with the director(s) to ask …

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