Making the Move from Second Photographer to Primary Photographer

I am an earnest beginner. Just starting out. A weekend warrior. A never-been-to-art-or-journalism-school-photographer. A business owner who never imagined owning a business. As I wade more deeply into the wedding photography world, I am making the switch from second shooting to shooting weddings as a primary photographer. Along the way, I’ve focused on three things: craft, confidence, and clients.

1) Craft

I don’t know about you, but I got into this business because I wanted to make beautiful, meaningful images for couples in love. If I can’t consistently deliver those, then I have no basis for being in business. Given this belief, my first step was to build a technical and artistic foundation for my business honing the craft of photography.

Read. There are so many amazing websites and blogs (like this one) that provide considerable information for free! You can learn about lighting, posing, composition, how to make people feel comfortable in front …

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When Fear is a Good Thing

No one told me about ‘The Fear’ when one is the primary photographer.

The Fear that an essential piece of gear will be forgotten or break during the shoot. The Fear that you’ll be late.

The Fear that you’ll miss The Kiss. The Fear of managing all the group photos in too little time.

These fears that give you nightmares, because you only have one chance to get it right.

Some fears can be lessened through systems and planning. You know the drill: charge your batteries, clear your cards, pack your bags, figure out directions, arrive early, scope the scene. Other fears can be relieved by pre-visualizing the day. Read the schedule, close your eyes, and mentally walk through every part of the day.

My greatest fear, though, is the one closest to my purpose. How can I capture the depth of experience of a bride and groom without distracting from that experience?

A wedding can feel …

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