Get Out of the Woods: Hire a Guide

Photographers are, nearly unilaterally, horrible business people.

Most have grown organically without much thought or training. They are passionate about photography, and believe their passion equates to ability in all areas of business.  They run illegally (“I don’t need a state sales-tax ID; I use my social security number.”). They do their own taxes (“I totally write off my car, it’s so sweet!”). They design albums without paying themselves. They cobble together contracts that would make most lawyers lose their lunch. They don’t plan for retirement. They don’t have adequate insurance.

And, inevitably, they do their own marketing and branding.

Too many forums begin, “Check out my new logo design—what do you think!?” For years, I tried telling people what I thought. Long, thoughtful posts about what a logo should do and be, and why the one they were exhibiting wasn’t working. This led to the predictable pile-on fights about subjectivity of art …

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