Why Clients Need Fact, Not Fiction

Wedding Photography by Kevin Weinstein

We came across this article on Kevin’s blog and couldn’t wait to share it, because it challenges photographers to ask important questions about why we run our business the way we do. Join in the conversation of this post in the comments section and join in person at PartnerCon!

Over the past few years, wedding photography has become a fashionable way to make a living, thanks to the ease of digital cameras, computers and software.

At the same time, wedding photographers market themselves as “experts” to other wedding photographers through workshops, lectures, gadgets, software and actions. Photographers don’t just compete against each another, photographers now market to other photographers in order to gain popularity, money, and status.

With twelve years of photojournalism experience, and ten years in the wedding industry, I’ve never seen such change like I have in the last few years.

In November 2010, Junebug Weddings posted a call for submissions …

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