Top 5 Underground WPPI Tips

Ok, so I’ve been to WPPI for the last 3 years, before that I had never even heard of WPPI. Each year that I’ve been I’ve never really participated in the official conference activities. I know they are awesome but it is always more fun (to me) to experience the underground activities. Well… maybe calling them underground is a bit much, but they definitely are the top 5 tips you wish your mom told you before going to WPPI.

Here are my top 5 tips to get into the underground of WPPI:

1. Keep tabs on #WPPI on twitter

So this one might be a little obvious, but I’ll get a bit more into it for you so you get the most out of it. Before we even get started, when you are at WPPI this year you should add the hashtag #WPPI to all of your tweets. If everyone does this it will …

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