How I Forge Collaborative Vendor Relationships

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One of the most rewarding paths I’ve taken as a photographer has been forging collaborative relationships with other wedding professionals. By recognizing the contributions of the many creatives involved in assembling a wedding, I can help foster a team environment that makes our wedding day experience more of a collaboration, and helps form meaningful working friendships. After the wedding, my approach to synergistic promotion creates a word-of-mouth buzz that allows my work to speak for itself.

It Takes a Village

I can’t create beautiful images of gorgeous florals, cakes, tablescapes, and even a bride, without the many talents of floral designers, cake designers, event designers, makeup and hair stylists… The list goes on. The beauty that is a wedding is the result of many, many hours of work, most of which we as photographers don’t see in-progress.

I try to respect the vision of each artist, by thinking about how they would want …

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