Explore Photojournalism, Gain Confidence.

photojournalist louis lesko

Every young photographer who wants to throw his or her hat in the ring as a professional should spend time as a photojournalist. It’s not easy- the money sucks, the work day is never ending, and you spend long stretches of time smelling funky because a shower is a luxury- but after it’s over, you feel like you can accomplish anything. That confidence can carry you through any situation you encounter in your commercial or wedding photography career.

If you’ve never shot an editorial story in your life, I highly recommend it. The mere process will sharpen your vision immeasurably. Getting started is as easy as choosing an assignment and incinerating your preconceived notions about everything. Working on the assignment is an exhausting and maddening journey that will lead to weeks of euphoria after you’re done.

Here are things to keep in mind as you pursue anything journalistic:

1. Wikipedia and Google are only as …

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