Marry New Media & Traditional Connections to Market Your Business

Marrying New Media and Traditional Connections to Market Your Business Effectively

Today, I’m able to strategically pick where I spend my advertising dollars since I have so many other avenues of connection to people in the industry. I flipped my strategy and am now marketing more heavily to these industry connections rather than directly to my clients. If I can prove to be a valuable asset to my industry colleagues, they will naturally promote my services to their clients. And this tactic directly translates into social media.

My colleagues promote my services on Facebook, Linked In and on their websites without ever having to directly say “hire these photographers because”…. All they have to do is show off what I’ve done for them with a link to any one of my online presences and my images become viral.

When my network shares my content, it creates value for me because they help me build my brand, my reputation, my credibility and …

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