Employees or Contractors? Hiring for your Photography Business

For photography business owners (and any small business owner), having people on your team is a natural part of growing your business. Whether you have other photographers shooting with you, people editing your images, or someone handling administrative work, it’s likely that at some point you’ll pay someone else to do work for you.

The biggest question, then, is whether these people are employees or contractors. There are two primary considerations you should be aware of before deciding.

Tax implications based on your decision. How this decision affects your working relationship with team members.

Hiring an employee means withholding state and federal income tax, Social Security tax, and Medicare taxes. In most situations, you also pay unemployment taxes too (there are some exceptions).

Hiring an employee means paperwork! You’ll need a W-2 and an I-9 completed for each employee, records of their wages and hours, documentation that you’re complying with federal labor regulations, and the …

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