How I am Making the Transition from Shoot and Burn

“That means I’m a photographer right?”

Let’s go through the check list…

Camera – check

Artistic flare – (so they tell me) check

Love of photography – check

Desire to capture memories, moments and freeze love in time so it can be revisited again and again – check and check

That means I’m a photographer right?

Sure, if by photographer you mean, a person that sometimes holds a camera and presses the button on the right.

But not necessarily in the business of being a photographer. And therein lies the difference. When you get to this point, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t keep going, nor does it mean that you haven’t got a chance, or that you are audacious for assuming you can start out. No, keep going, hold on to your hopes and push forward you will achieve success if you do. But if you’re starting at the bottom, like I did, you need to really like …

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