The Power of Projection

Projecting your custom-created portraits for your clients is not new.

Back in the film days, photographers projected slides made from portraits prepared by their lab.

When photography migrated from film to digital, the use of projectors came into vogue, especially now when the quality of projectors has improved dramatically as prices have plummeted.

So while this method is not anything new, it is still considered by many portrait experts (like Chuck Lewis) to be not just the best way but the ONLY way to share your work with your clients.

It may seem old school, or it may seem like an inconvenience to you and your clients. Those were some of my concerns about projecting when I started.

Boy was I wrong!

Now I’m a “true believer” in this method and think you will be too once you try it.

The Why:

Since you are reading this you are looking to distinguish yourself from your competition.

You are looking …

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