It’s Easy Being Green- Photography Business Practices

Even though Kermit the Frog might disagree, being green is getting easier.

What does it mean to be green? It’s pretty simple, actually. A “green” photographer is one who has assessed the impact his/her company has on the environment and who chooses to use environmentally sustainable and socially responsible practices in an effort towards lessening this impact.

Why would I want to go green? American’s current interest in things environmentally friendly is booming: BPA-free water bottles, eco-friendly yoga mats, solar panels on homes, and hybrid cars have become common place. With over 155,000 professional photographers in the United States, the photography industry is simultaneously experiencing it’s largest ecological footprint in it’s 200-year history. By going green, not only are you opening yourself up to a new segment of customers who are looking to hire eco-friendly vendors, but by implementing some simple energy and cost saving steps, you’ll be helping the environment and …

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