Creating Memories with Family Reunion Photos


If family photography or portrait photography is your primary focus, there is an often-overlooked market that may be a natural fit: family reunions. Traditionally a harbinger of summer (though they can occur any time of year), reunions are the reason millions of Americans travel each year, and photographs are critical. After the corn-on-the-cob has been eaten and the water balloons tossed, photos remain to document growth and change. The fleeting nature of a family reunion gives just one chance to capture these important moments; then they are gone, perhaps forever.

Clint Thayer, photographer and owner of Focal Flame Photography, says of family reunion photography, “Those tender moments last only seconds. Being ready to see those moments and capture them does not come when you buy an expensive camera, it comes from studying your subjects and environment and crafting an effective photo – one that tells a story rather than just being …

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Pet Photography: A Lively Challenge


Interested in expanding your photography business to a new niche? You might consider pet photography. With more than 43 million dog-owning households in the United States,* pet photography is a rapidly growing market. But working with animals requires key skills:

• A love of action photography to capture wagging tails at full speed • The ability to adjust a game plan quickly • A high tolerance of both slobber and LOTS of flying fur

Imagine a park, a sunny afternoon, a Frisbee and a gravity-defying boxer mix named Jet alongside his owners. Now add a photographer experienced with action and sports. The result? Artistically brilliant pet photography that tells an energetic story.

The image above represents the understanding of Focal Flame Photography owner, Clint Thayer, of what it takes to get “that shot” during a split second of activity – even when the athlete has four paws instead of two feet.

About their custom pet photography …

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