Out of Synch: Photographers vs The Music Industry Part 3

Music can supercharge the emotional impact of your stories, help you create a unique brand and sell more products, slideshows and sessions. 

But music also has the potential to distract from your stories and your business if it’s used poorly.

I’m Roy Ashen and I’m a huge fan of professional photographers and event filmmakers. My team at Triple Scoop Music has dedicated the last 7 years to helping creative professionals grow their businesses with fresh, original music by talented independent artists. We’ve hand-picked over 10,000 songs and we make licensing easy and affordable. Over the years I’ve seen and heard all sides of this important issue. So, let’s dig deeper together!

How Music Licensing Really Works: 

Let’s start with some facts about music licensing to make sure everyone understands the basics. Then, let’s talk about why your photo studio can benefit from the same approach used by Apple’s latest iPad videos.

What’s a music license? 

A music license …

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