Holga 101: Tips and Tricks


I have three main guidelines I try to live by when my Holga is by my side:

Don’t be afraid to break all the rules No expectations, leads to amazing creations Be bold, be brazen, and let go

I will admit that I am not an expert when it comes to the Holga and its mysterious ways.  However, I have had some extraordinary good luck in the last 2 years and have bonded with each and every Holga I have. You will hear repeatedly that every Holga is very different — that statement could not be more accurate!

While this can lead to many moments of wanting to pull your hair out, or you may find yourself wanting to throw the camera on down a flight of stairs (which you can do and possibly get some great images), I want to urge you to keep shooting!

I have come to learn a few tried and true …

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