3 Tips for Building Your Business

1.  Shoot For Free.

No, not forever.  But free work DOES always lead to paid work, in one way or another.  Shooting for free in the beginning of my career eventually led down the referral line to help me book weddings over $10,000 for their photography collections.  You have to start somewhere.  Shooting for free gives you the time and experience to build a portfolio and gain the confidence in your shooting to ask for the right price.  Also, shooting for free starts with offering to second shoot for others.  Start networking with others like at your local Pictage User Group or in online forums, and you’ll discover photographers who need additional shooters for their weddings.  This is the best time to watch and work with someone more experienced and see how they handle the stressful flow of a wedding day, while at the same time you are getting some great …

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