Don’t Stop Believing (For Women Only)


“For Women Only” is a new section of the blog featuring inspiring women, such as Tasra Dawson, sharing their experiences and encouragement with other women readers. Thank you to Tasra and our other blog contributors for sharing their hearts with us.

Don’t Stop Believing

Just over a month ago, I was sitting down to dinner with my husband, Ron Dawson, and photography veteran and educator, Scott Bourne. I felt intimidated, to say the least. Who was I, but a wannabe photography great. Regardless of how many images I’d taken, professional mentoring I’d received, seminars and workshops I’d attended, and shoots I’d completed, I still felt like a hack. Still cringing inwardly when I said I was a professional, since I didn’t earn a living completely with photography. That one dinner meeting changed everything for me. Or at least it was the beginning of that change. What happened? One person, Scott Bourne, got inside …

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