The Move From Zero to One Light

Many photographers we know tell us that they have worked with natural light and feel they have really mastered it… but have no idea where to start with off-camera lighting. They don’t know if they should go out and buy an Alien Bees kit or just rent some Profoto lights… or if they should just buy some Canon 580EXII flashes and a bunch of pocket wizards. They don’t know what wireless systems to use, what stands, what light modifiers… it can be overwhelming.

My advice is usually to start REALLY small and CHEAP and figure out what you like then your way up. Jumping out and spending a few grand on a lighting kit isn’t going to make you a lighting pro… so why not start with just ONE light?

If I could suggest the most inexpensive and simple one light kit for experimentation it would be the venerable Vivitar 285HV for …

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