A Rebranding Story (Part 1)


There always seems to be plenty of information and advice available to those adventuresome entrepreneurs starting a small business: the steps to take, pitfalls to avoid and best practices to start off on the right foot.  What about an instance when you’ve already started your business and want to rebrand?  You hear about this process far less and yet there are many reasons why you may want to refresh your current brand, identity and logo.  As society grows, changes and evolves so do its people and their businesses.  Rebranding an operating business can seem like a daunting effort; however, the process can be a tremendous marketing opportunity that will strengthen your position among photography peers, professional partners and clients.

I started my first photography business, aptly titled Don Mamone Photography, in 2007.  Much like many photographers, I stared off slowly, worked diligently and was fortunate to witness my business …

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