To Sell More, Think More Like Your Customer

Q. How do you educate your clients about Pictage and the process for ordering after their event?

After our initial meeting with potential wedding clients, we send them a link to a recently released wedding.  Ideally, the wedding will have some commonality with the wedding they are planning whether it be venue, color scheme, or the couple’s personality. This gives our potential clients an idea of our process and specifically shows the detailed categories we employ for each event. It also clearly shows our pricing structure for reprints, enlargements, specialty products, etc.

Q. Do you release the Pictage event directly to clients or to both clients and guests?

We release to both clients and guests unless the client specifically requested it to remain private. While we realize this goes against the optimization guidelines from Pictage, we had too many confused clients when we released only to them. We would find out weeks later that …

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