4 Tips to Creating a Successful Photobooth

While the life of a photobooth photographer may seem glamorous, I assure you – it is.

With that said, here’s your guide to creating a successful kick-ass photobooth. 1. Supplies

Backdrop – either a 5 ft or a 9 ft backdrop can be bought at your local camera store (serious camera store, folks, not Ritz) for $25-$50.

I’ve tried patterned backdrops, as clients have suggested them – the result? Follow your heart.

Sometimes less is more, and this is a time when that’s exactly the case! A simple, subtle backdrop makes the subjects more prominent, and much “less” like they’re posing for Santa!

(This booth below seemed more like a ‘magic eye’ than anything!)

Lights – I use two White Lightning x1600′s, and bring along one backup just in case. I like to use the cybersync battery-powered radio transmitters to relay the flash, but a sync cord also works – as long as you position the lights so they can catch each other’s light (if they’re …

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