How to Build a Studio Team


When I started my business, I was solo, working out of my apartment while working a 9-5 job too. Needless to say, it was hectic. So I knew that IF I went full-time as a professional photographer, I couldn’t do it alone.

I am a people person; I love working in collaboration with others. So I knew that building a studio team would be essential to both my success AND my happiness. Today, I have three associate photographers who work in my office, helping me manage my studio.

Do you want to build a studio team?

A team looks sexy, but it isn’t for everyone. If you’re considering adding photographers or staff to your growing studio, ask yourself a few key questions.

Do you want to be a boss? Managing a team means setting deadlines, dress codes, company policies and occasionally having to discipline them. Do you want to make more money? If that’s the …

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What I Learned from Buying a Commercial Studio Space


As a multiple photographer studio, I quickly learned that having my staff work out of my home wasn’t the best option. Who wants their team members wandering around when you’re trying to finish breakfast? But I was still scared to death when I signed my first three-year lease for a 600 square foot space at over 600 dollars a month. What I didn’t realize was that during the next three years, I would grow my dream then BUY my own studio space. Here’s what I learned from buying a commercial studio space.

Why buy?

I hate paying someone else money. Doesn’t everyone? I’d rather invest in my own future. Buying a commercial space for my studio meant lower overhead for my business. A mortgage is typically less per month than rent.

Consider these questions I had to ask myself:

Should I buy a BIG building and then sub-lease space(s) to other businesses? Or, should I buy a …

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