Why Successful Entrepreneurs Have a Cloud Ecosystem

Working from anywhere Working from any device Piece of mind + data safety Ease of use Cheaper IT Appear more like a “big” business, even when you’re small!

Successful entrepreneurs are always on the move. They’re constantly moving their business forward, no matter where they are (case in point, I’m at a concert waiting for the opening act as I write this). I had a few minutes of down time, so I took advantage of it. Running my own business requires that I work a lot and I don’t like being tied down to one location. After all, I didn’t choose to run my own business so I’d be locked to a desk! Creating my own “Cloud Ecosystem” enables me to be anywhere and still get what’s in my head out – online, into the hands of investors, business partners, and most important – my clients!

I always have my iPhone with me and usually my iPad …

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Backup Strategies: Cover Your Ass!

A few weeks back, Amazon’s web services had a major outage in their Virginia data center that took down some of the web’s heavyweights like Netflix and Instagram. People took to social media with pitchforks in hand immediately denouncing The Cloud and its ability to keep your data safe. One such pitchfork welding photographer stated how he has never trusted the cloud and he only backs up his data on site, but that was not the kicker. The kicker was one particular comment where someone stated that handing off your critical data to a cloud service for safe keeping was a kin to asking a complete stranger to watch your home and family for the weekend. I actually screamed at the computer when I read that; something to the tune of: “No! It’s more like asking the Secret Service to watch over your home and family for the weekend!”

Think about …

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