So you have a camera that shoots video; you must be a filmmaker!

To me, photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place…I’ve found it has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them. – Elliott Erwitt

You’ve got the gear – wireless mics, a slider, a monopod, some kind of knock-off follow focus. You’re ready to take on the world of wedding “videography.” You even know where to get the best indie songs that nobody’s heard yet that totally capture the essence of your couples, dude!

Wait. Hold up.

Why does the movie industry seemingly keep putting out horrible movies but people keep spending money to go see them? It’s not because they use the best equipment (they do usually). It’s not because 3D is the coolest thing in the world (I can’t attest to that). It’s because of the stories. As horrible as you may think they …

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The Photo Life Podcast- An Interview with Jared Platt

photographer jared platt

The Business End of Your Business In this week’s episode we visit with Jared Platt, Phoenix Photographer and educator, and examine the new pressures that impact us in the digital age. Jared shares some practical workflow advice as well as some philosophical suggestions for keeping your feet on the ground in the modern world.

About Jared Platt

Jared Platt is a professional wedding photographer from Phoenix, Arizona. Jared holds a Masters of Fine Arts in the Photographic Studies and a Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography from Arizona State University and has been a professional photographer and college educator for the past 10 years and has been a speaking, debating and lecturing for the past 15 years. His attention to detail and craft make him a demanding photography instructor. Currently, Jared is traveling the country teaching his Lightroom Workflow Workshop, which significantly improves every photographer’s post production workflow. Jared has …

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The Photo Life Podcast- An Interview with Miki Johnson

The Photo Life Guest Miki Johnson

You Are the Sum of Your Bytes

In this week’s episode we visit with Miki Johnson, former senior editor at American Photo Magazine, and discuss ideas for mastering social media and her exciting Matchstick Workshops, a program encouraging multi-discipline collaboration between creative professionals. Post a review on iTunes for a chance to win a LowePro Fastpack 350. Email after leaving your review.

Get to Know Miki Johnson

Below Miki shares her background as well as images that shed light on her life and her love of photography.

I was born in Athens, Ohio, and received a journalism degree from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism. As editor of the liveBooks RESOLVE Blog, and before that as senior editor at American Photo Magazine, I both observed and experienced the recent reordering of worldwide media. While this has scared and confused some people, it excites me — my goal now is to instill that excitement …

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Friday News Round Up

Here is your Friday News Round Up, a group of useful blog posts that we have read throughout this week that might be worth the read for you on this Friday afternoon or throughout the weekend. So take a second, get comfortable, get a cup of coffee, grab your favorite Apple product, and enjoy these articles from out in the photography community and beyond. Also included at the bottom of this post are links to the posts that we have had on the Pictage Blog this week, just in case you missed them. Enjoy!

From the Community

Camera Dojo- “Photoshop CS5’s Lesser Known Enhancements”

Photoshelter- “Your Photography Blog Ain’t No Online Journal”

A Photo Editor- “iPad- Magazine Savior, Portfolio Replacement or a Complete Waste of Time?”

Mashable- “Apple Didn’t Kill Flash, HTML5 Did”

Jim Collins- “Thoughts for New Photographers”

Liana Lehman- “Why my husband calls me “Debt Dominatrix”  (My Debt Story) On the Pictage Blog

Amber Holritz- …

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Pictage Podcast – Simon Anderson

This week on the podcast Sara heads to the Pictage headquarters for a conversation with Chief Marketing Officer, Simon Anderson.

Simon shares tips on innovative ways for photographers to maximize their profits and provides specific ideas and suggestions on:

Creating customized pricing and packages Unique approaches to build business through referrals Maximizing the value and usage of your blog, slideshows and online marketing channels The nuances of up-selling and more….

Simon also shares details about new and upcoming Pictage products and services, including future integration with other online platforms.

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Pictage Podcast with Tasra Dawson

This weeks podcast features Tasra Dawson as she talks about how her life has changed in the last year with the start of her new company, Teen Identity and the development of 

Tasra also talks about how she has been challenged and inspired to create a movement, tasra365.  Tasra and Sara also discuss how to prepare for WPPI and what can help make it successful and manageable.  Get all of this great insight as well as hear about all the inspiration that is spreading though the industry on this weeks podcast.


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Check out Tasra in the Pictage Community here.

WPPI: Women’s Panel

Inspire.Pictage.Com: Transform Your Vision and Outlook

Pictage Blog: Don’t Stop Believing

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Pictage Podcast with Dane Sanders

This episode of the Pictage Podcast features an inspiring conversation with Dane Sanders.

Dane and Sara talk candidly about the year in review, what has happened in the photo industry and how to prepare for 2010. Dane also talks about the value of community and plans for the year ahead. Don’t miss out!

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Pictage Podcast with Melissa Jill

In this episode Sara France talks to Melissa Jill about her new website, her upcoming workshop, and how she is changing the way she does albums and the reasons why. Melissa also shares her strategy for her new website and online presence. Don’t miss out on this podcast.

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Pictage Podcast with Mike Larson

In today’s podcast episode, Sara talks with Mike Larson about his experiences as a world traveling speaker and photographer. Through this podcast Mike shares valuable insight into the lives and practices of photographers around the world and what similarities these photographers share with photographers in the United States.  Mike has recently been traveling to different Pictage User Groups all over the nation, and in this unique podcast he shares some of the main points from his PUG talk that will get you excited for his visit to a city near you.

For up to date information on the Mike Larson PUG Tour (such as dates he has visited and will be visiting soon) visit the Mike Larson PUG Tour tab at the top of this page. Or click this link to take you there.

Listen to this podcast below and be sure to show Mike your support by leaving him some comments!

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Pictage Podcast with Grant Oakes

In today’s podcast episode, Sara talks with Grant Oakes about his specific approach for reaching the high-end market without the need of a physical studio space.  He also provides practical tips for growing your business, and also outlines various strategies for building your online presence and enhancing the presentation of your work.

Listen below and make sure to leave Grant some comment love!


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