Pictage Podcast – The Youngrens

In this episode Sara France gets together with The Youngrens to talk about our industry. Along with a discussion of current and upcoming trends, Jeff & Erin discuss how the community has helped them build their business so rapidly, and they offer insights on the experiences of being newlyweds and building a business together.

Jeff also provides details about a unique process he uses to determine the best use of Pictage products and services for their business, and how sticking with the basics has been a powerful strategy for them.

Don’t miss this authentic interview with an authentic couple who love what they do!

Listen to the podcast below and make sure to leave a comment for Jeff & Erin!


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Pictage Podcast – David Esquire

This week Sara France talks with David Esquire of Esquire Photography and Camera Dojo.  David shares some incredible ideas on how to use Pictage Products to market your business and your images.

David also goes into detail about the many ways that he creates a relationship of trust with his clients — from the moment that he meets them all the way through the process and how that has helped his business to evolve and grow.  

There are incredible tips and valuable ideas in this week’s episode.  Don’t miss it!  

Listen to the podcast below and make sure to leave a comment for David!

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Pictage Podcast – Steve Depino

This week’s podcast features Steve Depino. You may remember Steve as the stand in host of our Podcast a couple weeks ago when he interviewed our host Sara France. This week she turns the tables on him.

Sara finds out the interesting story of how Steve was thrust into wedding photography by Modern Bride and how he was able to hit the ground running. Steve shares who and what inspires him, personal projects, and what he feels is the most important thing you can do when getting started in the industry.

Also don’t miss finding out what Steve thinks is the best new resource he has found for saving time and money. This interview is packed with great information for all levels and all different kinds of photography.

If you are in the Philly area, don’t miss having a one on one conversation with Steve at the PUG next Tuesday the …

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Pictage Podcast – Robert T. Williams

This week’s podcast features well known Washington, DC photographer, Robert T. Williams.

In case you hadn’t noticed people are cutting back on purchases in today’s economy. Are you thinking about lowering your prices to keep existing clients, and attract new ones? Well that’s not the answer!  Tune in to this special episode as Robert T. unveils a unique approach along with specific solutions for growing your business.  

Today’s intro is brought to you by Dare Dreamer Media. 

Check out their video first, listen to the podcast below, then make sure to leave a comment for Robert T!

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Pictage Podcast – Mike Colón

In this new episode Mike Colón discusses the state of the industry and what photographers in any market can do now to grow their business and maximize revenues.  Mike outlines the process of how he started and built his business, and reveals the specific key steps he took to get to this point in his career.  This conversation is packed with information about the best ways to learn and grow, and provides priceless tips on how to be successful during these challenging economic times. 


You can learm more about Mike and his work at: www.mikecolon.com

Click the player below to listen to Mike’s interview with Sara.  Join in the conversation — Share your ideas and feedback in the comments!


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Pictage Podcast – Jamie Karlin


The Pictage community is filled with successful, amazingly talented photographers that have great insights and experiences to share.  Episode 27 of the Pictage Podcast features accomplished photographer, Jaime Karlin.

In this episode Jamie Karlin of Jamie K Photography discusses a largely un-tapped revenue stream that will take you by surprise. If you’re a wedding photographer looking to double your revenue this is an episode you will not want to miss.  Jamie reveals how you can bring a high level of creativity and originality to this growing client base.  She also address misperceptions in the industry that may be blocking you from creating this business for yourself. 

As a husband and wife team, Jamie and Jason run their boutique studio out of Livingston, New Jersey with an additional office in New York City. They specialize in photography that moves their clients by creating images that capture the unforgettable moments of their most unforgettable …

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Pictage Podcast – Sara France

Today’s episode features our very own podcast host and community leader, Sara France.  Pictage photographer, Steve Depino will be flipping the script on Sara about her “Apple Core” presentation. Sara discusses her Apple studio and explains which products can give you the most bang for your buck. Do you want to get rid of the PCs in your studio and don’t know how? Let Sara show you how to make all of your Apple products work together including software such as the new push e-mail, calendar, contacts, iWork, iDVD, iPhoto, Aperture, Quicken, and everything else you need to run your business.   Sara also reviews all the latest technologies like the iPhone, iTouch, and Apple TV.But, it’ not all about Apple.  Sara shares some very specific and useful information about her Pictage workflow, as well as which products and services have helped to grow her business.   Today’s intro is brought to you …

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Pictage Podcast – Jim Rode

In this week’s podcast, Sara interviews Dallas wedding photographer Jim Rode.

In the podcast, Jim will detail how to create and package an elaborate “Engagement Safari,” an event almost as important as the wedding, bringing you new revenue!

• Enhance you and your Client wedding’s perceived value • In-Source and grab those “Vegas” clients • Create a “Demand for You” before they plan the wedding! • Bring in “Weekday” revenue –not just Weekend dollars • Get two families to that Pictage-posted engagement, and get them to register for that wedding event!

Today’s intro is brought to you by Dare Dreamer Media.

Check out their video first, listen to the podcast below, then make sure to leave a comment for Jim!

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Now, don’t forget to join the Ask & Learn tomorrow at 4pm (pst) to say hello and get your questions answered.

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Pictage Podcast – Kenny Kim

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Today’s podcast features the infamous & extremely talented Kenny Kim!  In this episode Kenny talks about the value of the Pictage Community. Learn more about the many benefits of this Community, and how Kenny attributes much of his success to the valuable relationships he’s built (not to mention his amazing imagery, we might add!).

About Kenny:

Kenny Kim has always been fascinated by the visual arts – and especially the connection between art & photography. His passion first led to the study of graphic design at the University of Illinois, where he also became a skilled web designer and eventually opened up his own design studio in 2003. It was during this period, he began to realize that the greatest outlet for his artistic expression and technical skills would be through his passion for photography. He explains it best in his brand new promo video, check it out!

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