Ask & Learn Wednesday with Travis Broxton


Session Topic: “I Don’t Know How You Do It!” – Five figure weddings with zero employees and plenty of free time

Travis will touch on running a boutique wedding photography studio and catering to a high end clientele with zero employees. He will discuss how he manages to get everything done on a timely basis and continues to exceed his clients’ expectations. Not only are his clients happy, but they’re in love with the pictures and product he delivers to them. With a willingness to spread the word, Travis’ clients are his biggest marketing evangelists. Learn how Travis avoids workaholicism and manages to keep a date night with his wife, attend fitness classes, and have “a life!”

Bio:Travis Broxton

Picking up his first “real” camera in 1969, Travis was hooked on photography from the first press of the shutter button. Largely self taught, Travis looked to Eugene Smith, Gary Winogrand, Roy DeCarava, and …

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Kristin Greenlee’s Tip of the Week

The Final Planning Teleconference

Kristin is based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas, where she has established Kristin Greenlee Photography. She also happens to be our Dallas PUG leader! Kristin describes her style as emotional photojournalism that honors traditions. She strives to capture evocative heart-felt images with honesty, but also realizes that those more traditional portraits have a time-honored tradition in families’ legacies.

What is the best way to set and fulfill your client’s expectations? Kristin shares with us her secret to managing those expectations with class!

Video Produced by Cinematic Studios.

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Inside the Image of Joanne Bartone


Joanne Bartone of Joanne Bartone Photography and Pictage member since 2004 shared not one but two photos today!

Shutter: 1/150TH – Aperture: f-4.5 – Focal Length: (my favorite lens! 70mm to 200mm) at 80mm – ISO: 160 – No Flash – Open Shade – final Photoshop enhancement.

“I was blessed to have Maria and Brandon as one of my wedding couples in 2006 and I frequently call on Maria to model for me; this time I asked both Maria and Brandon to model for our PUG Roof Top group Shoot and as you can see, the results were stunning! Their chemistry is incredible – not much direction was necessary from the gallery of PUG photographers shooting – I suppose that was one of the reasons they fell in love and got married in the first place!  We started on the roof top of a parking garage in downtown Pittsburgh and then …

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Ask & Learn Wednesday with Sara France!


Session Topic: “Work From Anywhere: Building a Remote Control Business” Sara will touch on her proven techniques for creating and maintaining a successful remote controlled business. Wouldn’t it be great to have the ability to generate income from where ever you happen to be on the planet?

Sara will answer questions on how utilizing todays technologies will help you become more efficient, more flexible, and profitable. Looking at how businesses might evolve in the future Sara will introduce you to emerging technologies that relate to the non-location based photographer. She will also talk about web-based services, social networking, utilizing devices, software, and more.

Bio: Sara France Sara France is an international, award-winning wedding and commercial photographer based in Southern California. Her images have been featured in numerous regional and national publications, including Ceremony Magazine, Modern Bride, San Diego Style Weddings, and San Diego Bride & Groom, and the cover of Studio Photography.

Sara’s …

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Inside the Image of Heather Fowler


Today’s image was given to us by Heather Fowler of Heather Fowler Photography and Pictage members since 2004…

“This is Rebecca and Shaun taken at Knowlton Mansion on May 4th, 2008.

The mansion has a cool space in the basement that is an old wine cellar. It is dark and dank smelling but all lit up with candles and they set out wine and cheese for guests.

The guests have to go down a long winding staircase to get to it. I cleared out the room of any guests, and I told the couple to go in that little nook and just be into each other. They seem REALLY into each other in such a strange space which makes it even more intimate. I put my flash behind them to get the sillouette look. I love how the flash lights up the bottom of her dress and the edges of their faces. I …

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Tip of the Week with Sara France – the 35mm 1.4

The 35mm 1.4

Every week we bring you a new tip from one of our many talented Pictage Members. This week’s tip is brought to you by Cinematic Studios.

Check out the video below and learn about Sara’s favorite lens and how it makes her photography unique! What’s your favorite lens?

Video Produced by Cinematic Studios.

Sara France is an international, award-winning wedding and commercial photographer based in Southern California. (Sara France Photography) Her images have been featured in numerous regional and national publications, including Ceremony Magazine, Modern Bride, San Diego Style Weddings, and San Diego Bride & Groom, and the cover of Studio Photography.

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Tip of the Week with Mike Colon – Aperture Plug-In (and Lightroom too!)

Every week we are bringing you new tips from some of our top photographers and PUG leaders. A big Thanks and we love you goes out to Cinematic Studios for the filming and production of these clips!

Mike Colon is an international wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Newport Beach, California. He was recently named a “Legend Behind the Lens” by Nikon.

Mike talks about the Pictage to Aperture Plug-in. We have also just released the Pictage to Lightroom Plug-in. Both of these improvements have streamlined your workflow by making image transfers between Adobe Photoshop Lightroom/Aperture and Pictage easier than ever!

Video Produced by Cinematic Studios.

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Ask & Learn Wednesday with Carlos Baez


Session Topic: See The Light: Passion, Fashion and Inspiration

It takes more than numbers to keep yourself going in the wedding market, it takes deep rooted passion, knowing your style; where you came from and where you want to go. Don’t end up as a photographer having a “break down” due to lack of inspiration. Finding and listening to your inner voice can keep you going with as much energy and vigor as you did the first time you picked up a camera.

Today’s wedding photography market is competitive, and shooting with available light is simply not enough to separate your imagery in the market place. With many photographers’ images looking the same, how can you stand out? Fashion photography is consistently molding what the savvy client is expecting. With the use of many types of lighting, your images can stand out and bring a new edge to your style.


Having …

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Inside the Image of Jules Bianchi


Jules Bianchi (Pictage member since 2003 & LA PUG leader) let me snag today’s image and story from her blog…

“When I first saw Julie’s colors (red tones) I was excited because I knew there was a red wall in the parking lot level of the Walt Disney Concert Hall where she was getting married. For this image, I asked them to hold hands and look at me. I wanted them to simply stand quietly together because I was trying to capture something that might evoke feelings of a vintage wedding image like this one:”

“How I shot it: I was shooting in RAW with my Canon 5D and my new 50mm 1.2 lens. This image was shot in manual mode at 1/80, f 1.6, ISO 500.Because it was rather dark down there, I used my Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 and had Shannon hold my 580 EX flash to light them. She was off to …

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Tip of the Week with Justin & Mary

Business Cards

Together, Justin & Mary form Justin Marantz Photography in Hartford, CT. It is one of the fastest growing studios on the east coast! They are also the leaders of our very own Harford PUG! Their work has been featured in Brides magazine, Grace Ormonde and La Bella. Mary and Justin founded The Portrait House in 2006 as a worldwide fundraising mission to raise money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity.

What do clients think when you give them your business card? Mary and Justin Marantz have customized their marketing materials to ensure that they stand out from the crowd. What does your card say about you?

Video Produced by Cinematic Studios.

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