Jules Bianchi Tip – Create Personalized Categories

Happy Monday! Time for the Pictage Tip of the Week! Here we bring you weekly tips brought to you by some of our top photographers and PUG leaders. A huge thanks goes out to Cinematic Studios for the filming and production of these clips.

How do you categorize your images on Pictage? Jules Bianchi has some awesome tips on how to make it easy and fun for event guests to find the images they’re looking for.

Jules of Jules Bianchi Photography has led seminars at Pictage Partner Conference for the past 3 years along with workshops at the Digital Wedding Forum Convention in Las Vegas in 2006. She also started up Jules Cafe, where she helps out numerous other photographers with mentoring and hot tips. Jules is our Los Angeles PUG leader and has been featured in prestigious magazines such as Los Angeles Wedding Magazine, Bride and …

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Inside the Image of Shyla Photography


Today’s image was taken by Shyla of Shyla Photography and Pictage member since 2006…

“This Image was shot of an Indian Bride at a fashion show in LA. I was on assignment for gown designer Amal H. from Amal of Beverly Hills and I got a little bored shooting the exact same thing on the runway so I decided to try to get a little creative. Two main spotlights illuminated the runway, but this look was achieved by metering for the skin in the hottest part of the spotlight, shooting at a low ISO, and manually adjusting my white balance to counter the blue cast given off by the lights. Shot with Nikon, skin tones tend to be warmer by nature, but manually adding more yellow allowed for the warmth and depth that made the bride’s skin and clothing similar color values creating the look you see above.

Further specifications: 50mm lens at …

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Ask & Learn Today with Lauren Hillary


Topic: “Get Published” Lauren will guide you through the steps of getting your work published by industry and wedding publications nationwide. She will touch on each step from making industry contacts, choosing the images that editors look for, getting them ready for publication, writing up a story to grab the editor’s attention and delivering your final submission in a dazzling way.

Bio: Lauren Hillary’s style balances the Fine Art of Photography with Wedding Photojournalism. With an extensive background in Fine art and Fashion Photography, Lauren’s style has a distinctive and classic, artistic and photojournalistic look which captures the true emotions and personalities of her clients. Her approach is best described as natural and relaxed with a fashion flare.

Lauren’s work has been published worldwide and has graced the pages of Grace Ormonde’s Wedding Style, Susie Coelho’s new book “Style Your Dream Wedding“, Inside Weddings, The Bride and Bloom, Modern …

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Inside the image of Kevin Swan


Today’s image was taken by Kevin Swan of Delicious Wedding Photography, Indianapolis PUG leader and Pictage member since 2006.

“This is one of my favorite shots from last year. I was trying to convey Chicago…the couple loves downtown. So I knew I needed the L-Train in a shot. I was in bright sunlight, but knew I wanted to have the motion of the train, so I went to TV mode and set my shutter pretty low: 1/13th of a second. I set my ISO to 50, and the aperture at 18 with my 16-35mm dialed all the way out to 16.

I only did the shot once, took four frames, and this one was the one! I was trying to back-light the couple with the sun, but had NO idea that the sun would be partially visible through the cars of the train as it blurred by. It was one of those …

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Liana Lehman Tip – Make BHAGs!

Every week we are bringing you new tips from some of our top photographers and PUG leaders. A big Thanks and we love you goes out to Cinematic Studios for the filming and production of these clips!

What types of goals do you have for your business? Liana Lehman will tell you her goal setting process and why making goals larger than life will help you to succeed!

Liana lives in Atlanta, GA where she operates Liana Photography. She is not only a well-known wedding photojournalist, but has started up Banana’s edu as well! Her two business degrees have led her to own and operate an extremely successful photography business, which just happens to be one of her obsessions. Liana also happens to be our Atlanta PUG leader and has spoken at multiple Pictage events including Partner Conferences, Headliners and our Booth at WPPI!

Tell us about your goals!

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Ask & Learn today with David Wittig


Topic: Getting Your Clients to Think Outside the Box (with you) Partner Conference Los Angeles brought together an extraordinary line-up of leading photographer speakers. With Ask & Learn Wednesday’s we’re thrilled to extend these Q&A sessions by bringing our guest speaker photographers directly to you. Right now is your chance to get all your questions answered instantly! Just log on, read the recap, and ask away.

Bio: David is a fine art photographer who discovered his passion for wedding photography eight years ago. He combined his love for fine art with his knowledge of photojournalism to produce a unique style. He is a three-time WPJA award winner, and his work has been published in several magazines. David has done wedding shoots in six different countries, and 15 US states. His artwork has been exhibited in numerous galleries in New York City, Chicago, and Italy. His two solo-shows in Italy coincided with …

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Inside the Image of Kacie Jean


Today’s image was taken by PUG leader Kacie Jean of Kacie Jean Photography, Santa Barbara based Pictage member since 2006.

“This was by far my most favorite engagement session because the couple was willing to do anything I asked! We decided last minute to try and get a cool shot with them kissing as the train rushed by. We found out the train schedule and rushed over to the station. We had to jump out of the car and run down the tracks until we found a good spot for the picture.”

Settings: ISO 400, 1/15th @ f/22

Canon 20D with 24-70mm 2.8 lens (24mm focal length)

Taken at 4:34pm


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Kristin Greenlee Tip – Custom Black & Whites

Pictage Tip of the Week – Yep, it’s Monday! Here we bring you weekly tips brought to you by some of our top photographers and PUG leaders. Many thanks to Cinematic Studios for the filming and production of these clips.

Do you want more control over your Black & White images? Kristin Greenlee talks about tricks she uses to make life easier for both her clients and herself!

Kristin is based in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area of Texas, where she has established Kristin Greenlee Photography. She also happens to be our Dallas PUG leader! Kristin describes her style as emotional photojournalism that honors traditions. She strives to capture evocative heart-felt images with honesty, but also realizes that those more traditional portraits have a time-honored tradition in families’ legacies.

How do you like your Black & Whites?

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*New “Inside the Image”


There is one thing I know we all like to see when we look at the blogs we follow…images!  The Pictage Blog will now showcase an image every week from one of our members.  We’ll also get the scoop on “Inside the image” so you can find out why and how it was shot and more!

Our debut feature was taken by Grant Oakes of Grant Oakes Photography.

“The bride had a close relationship with a developer, and therefore had access to a brand new luxury show home for her wedding.  The spiral staircase in the front entryway was too good to pass up for some amazing images.  It was photographed with a 15mm fisheye held over my head to get it as high as possible.  I liked the image so much I used part of it for the logo of my new venture, Tafota.com.”  

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Jared Bauman Tip – Maintaining Client Relationships

It’s Monday again, and time for another Pictage Tip of the Week! We will be featuring tips brought to you by some of our top photographers and PUG leaders. Special thanks to Cinematic Studios for the filming and production of these clips.

Maintaining client relationships can be difficult once the Wedding has ended. Jared Bauman talks about techniques that his studio uses to consistently keep in contact with previous clients, gaining more referrals along the way.

Jared heads up the awesome team know as Bauman Photographers based in San Diego, CA. In 2007, Bauman Photographers work was featured on the covers of “Ceremony” and “San Diego Bride and Groom” magazine. Perhaps the most important thing to note is Jared’s passion for his craft. He considers his work a joy and an honor.

How do you maintain your client relationships?

Written by Becky Shaffer …

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