How to be a Great Second Shooter [Weddings]

How to Be a Great Second Shooter

1. Shoot 50/50 – 50% of your shoots should be in the style of classic, traditional photography. Capture all the key moments of the day. Remember to shoot safe and smart. Pick a safe ISO and F/stop to get that shot. You are not going for art here, you are going for documentation of the day. The photos you take may never see the light of day but they have to be there in case of an emergency. If the main photographer happens to lose images due to a failed card, theft or computer problems, your shots are now playing 1st swing.

2. Shoot the other 50% in the mode that you’re going to compose the best photographs ever. Go for the shots, be creative, change yourself, push the limits of your abilities. Create photographs …

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How NOT to Get a Second Shooting Job

Two of the most important things that I did when I was first getting started as a photographer were assisting and second shooting for other photographers. I began assisting a photographer one summer during my college years, and it was there that I began to pick up the “pace” of weddings.  I learned what happened when, and where I needed to be to capture it.  I learned how to balance both taking images and managing the client.  I then was able to move on to second shooting which allowed me to put everything I learned to practice, and develop my photo skills at the same time.  I didn’t have any of the pressure of delivering on every single shot, because the main shooter was responsible for all of that which meant that  I could explore different angles, different settings, and get used to the camera being an extension of my …

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