Smart Marketing for your photography business- 3 tips that will save you time and money!


We are so excited to have Mike Adrian as a guest blogger on the Pictage Blog.

One of the subjects I discuss most with photographers during discussion groups is the topic of marketing. Smart and effective marketing can play a big part in the success of any business. Marketing your business effectively can help elevate your business to the next level and expand your exposure to potential customers. One false misconception is that marketing is expensive and time consuming, that’s not true. Here are 3 tips to add Smart Marketing to your business without breaking the bank! Smart Marketing Tip #1: Know your market by understanding the needs of your client. You need to know who your clients are. Knowing your clients, their like and dislikes, spending habits, demographics, etc… will give you useful information that can be digested to make very sound and smart decisions so that you can tailor your product and services to your clientele. If you …

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Pictage + Fashion/Glamour Workflow — Q&A with Mark Wangerin


Photos Courtesy of Mark Wangerin

Scott Anderson: You’ve been a Pictage photographer since the very beginning. Tell us a bit about your recent transition from wedding & portraits to fashion and high school senior photography.

Mark Wangerin: When I joined Pictage, I was strictly a wedding and product photographer. As I progressed in skill and artistic sensitivity, I found more satisfaction in the connective process of shooting people for portraits, publications and fashion. Although I don’t consider myself a “fashion” photographer, I do consider myself a more mainstream commercial beauty and glamour photographer.

Of course the more I was involved in beauty and glamour, the less time and emotional energy I had for weddings, which as most wedding photographers agree is more about energy management than being immersed into a conceptual, creative project such as magazine submissions and portraits for publication.

SA: I’m particularly interested in how Pictage fits into your new workflow? Can …

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Tip of the week with Jared Bauman


When first starting up your business there are two main strategies to consider – referrals and advertising. Jared talks about the importance of advertising, and when to use it.

Jared Bauman heads up the awesome team know as Bauman Photographers based in San Diego, CA. In 2007, Bauman Photographers work was featured on the covers of “Ceremony” and “San Diego Bride and Groom” magazine. Perhaps the most important thing to note is Jared’s passion for his craft. He considers his work a joy and an honor.

Video Produced by Cinematic Studios.

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Mike Colón Tip – Pick an image with impact

Written by Becky Shaffer

Today we are kicking off a new weekly addition to the blog – The Pictage Tip of the Week! We will be featuring tips brought to you by some of our top photographers and PUG leaders. Special thanks to Cinematic Studios for the filming and production of these clips.

Choosing the right image to market and represent your business can be challenging when you have so many favorites. Pictage photographer Mike Colón explains how important this is – and how to pick images that connect with your target market.

Mike is an international wedding and lifestyle photographer based in Newport Beach, California. He was recently named a “Legend Behind the Lens” by Nikon.

We would love to hear your thoughts!


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No Studio or Office Space?


Where do most of us meet perspective brides and grooms? In a perfect world we would ALL have amazing studio space or at least a great office; but, we don’t. So, where do we meet up with prospective clients that are interested in hiring us to shoot their weddings? Coffee shops? Nice hotels? Their home or apartment? Our home or apartment? And if we do meet them anywhere but an office-like location do we seem unprofessional?

I polled some friends and some Pictage photogs and this is what I found. If no outside office or studio: 54.5% are using coffee shops 18.2% are using nice local hotels 18.2% are bringing the bride and groom to their home 9.1% are going to the bride and grooms home

The photogs that were polled have never been told it is unprofessional or have lost business from meeting in such a way. On the contrary, they have been told it is …

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