The New Direct Order Tool From Pictage

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Updated: October 26th, 2011

Download DOT now! Not a Pictage member? Try it out.

We know you’ve been seeing other people.

With the new Direct Order Tool, there’s no need to turn to someone else. You can upload your images and order prints, marketing materials, and Gallery Series products without creating an event. So stop your running around. You know we still love ‘ya!

DOT enables you to select high-resolution images from your computer for printing in Pictage’s lab. You can specify size, quantity, crop, color, border and mounting options for prints as you create your custom order. DOT uploads high-resolution images directly to the lab for printing, and your Pictage account gets billed automatically.

Getting Started:

1. Log in to Pictage and click the “Order Direct” button on the left side of your screen.

2. Next, click the yellow “Install DOT Now” button to download the Direct Order Tool application.

3. DOT runs on JavaFX …

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In-Person Sales for Portrait Photographers

**Great news! We’re hard at work updating this guide and will be re-releasing it shortly. In the meantime, check out The Photo Life Social Media Guide!**

Be a Shepherd, not a Salesperson.

Don’t be shy, get to know your clients. Help them fall in love with you. Guide them gently.

Portraiture is a high-touch genre of photography that requires rapport. The more time you spend personalizing the photographic experience for your clients, the more you’ll sell. Rather than assume the role of salesperson, think of yourself as a guide, shepherding clients through an important acquisition. The photographs you create for them are significant milestones in their family history, so they deserve expert attention and customized care from a professional photographer like you.

Imagine you’re sensitively guiding your client …

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How To Bring Out Authentic Emotion in Your Shoots

the youngrens engagement photography

Jeff and I were just in San Francisco this past week and in the course of four days we shot three engagement sessions for three incredibly unique and beautiful couples. Each couple was very different from the others – their stories were distinct and their personalities were one of kind.

We absolutely LOVE that all of our couples have such unique stories and personalities – we wouldn’t trade this job for anything – but photographing so many different types of personalities can also be challenging, right? Wouldn’t it be so much easier if every one of our couples responded the same way to our jokes? If they all looked great in the same type of poses? If their senses of humor all clicked perfectly with ours? If every groom thought that Jeff’s monkey dance was super awesome and NOT totally lame?

The truth is that we have to connect with each of …

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Three Lessons I Learned from a European Cafe

Three Lessons I Learned in a European Cafe

It was the danishes that made me think.

Well, the coffee too. (But mostly the danishes.)

This past winter, my husband and I took a trip to Europe to celebrate our five year anniversary and over the last week of our trip, we developed a morning routine that consisted, quite simply, of danishes and coffee. We’d sit at a nearby European cafe on bar stools facing the window and watch people pass by on the sidewalks. We watched grown men biking to work, children running up the sidewalk, and young teenagers in love. We would sit, enjoy our danishes and people watch. When we returned home after our trip, I realized that even compared to so many great tours and activities, these mornings at the cafe were perhaps my favorite memory of all.  Somewhere between our danishes and the quiet walks in the city – in the middle of my “not doing” …

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The Photo Life Podcast: An Interview with Holly Andres

There’s No Place Like Home

In this week’s episode of The Photo Life, we speak with fine art photographer and professor Holly Andres, as she takes us behind the curtain of the often mysterious world of the professional fine art photographer and shares some of the stories and concepts that have motivated her work as well as her conviction that making art can bring pure joy to life. About Holly Andres

Since receiving an MFA from Portland State University in 2004, Holly Andres has had solo exhibitions in prominent galleries worldwide. Andres has been featured in Exit Magazine, Art in America, Artforum, Art News, N.Paradoxa, Oprah Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The LA Times and Art Ltd. – which profiled her as one of 15 emerging West Coast artists under the age of 35.

Andres’ new series, The Fall of Spring Hill, is currently premiering at her Portland-based gallery, Charles A. Hartman Fine Art. …

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Top Ten Galleries Every Photographer Should Visit

A Gallery New Orleans

Call me old school. Go ahead, it’s true. I love seeing photographs in galleries. Not the galleries confined to a computer. I’m talking about the ones with walls.

There’s just something magical about stepping into a gallery and approaching large photographs hanging around you. It’s like meeting a kindred spirit for the first time; by standing face-to-face, you have a chance to savor their subtle nuances, to get lost in the rich hues of their eyes. Above all, you feel comfortable exploring, discovering and learning.

Sometimes, my palms sweat as I walk into a favorite gallery and glimpse a new exhibit. Rounding the corner of Canal and Chartres in New Orleans, I instinctively look up, toward the worn wooden sign and bold red door marking the entrance to A Gallery for Fine Photography. It was the first real photography gallery I visited, when I was a high school student discovering my passion …

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Syncing Color Labels Between Lightroom 3 and Bridge

photographer jared platt

You may have noticed that even though your stars ratings, your adjustments and even your keywords sync between Lightroom and Bridge, your color labels do not. This is a simple problem to solve in the preference options in Lightroom and Bridge. This Lightroom Podcast deals with making your color labels sync between Lightroom and Bridge.

Syncing Color Labels Between Lightroom and Bridge from Jared Platt on Vimeo.

Jared’s Lightroom Workflow Workshop is back on tour. Kansas City, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Savannah and Orlando are all on the schedule Starting on May 4, 2011. To learn more and sign up for the workshop, go to

About Jared Platt

Jared Platt is a professional photographer and photographic educator. He studied photography at Arizona State University where he earned his undergraduate and masters degrees in Photography. He teaches college photography courses as well as workshops for professional photographers and provides online education for photographers and …

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10 Things I Learned Shooting Corporate Events

Economist NYC Business 2007 in New York City

I’ll never forget the day I shot my first corporate event. I rented a Nikon D2h and an 80-200 2.8 lens.  An hour into the shoot my neck was already killing me and the client had already told me to stand in the back because my camera was “making too much noise.”  It was there, at some Economist Conferences Event, that my life as an event photographer began.

In a sense, I “cut my teeth” in wedding photography by shooting corporate events.

Corporate functions such as a “lecture style” event can be very difficult to shoot because of the limited aesthetic range and the rigid situation.  Finding an artful way of representing them with the camera can be a real challenge. By taking the time and energy to make art out of each event, I was preparing myself as a wedding photographer. It was the persistent search for art in every event …

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The Photo Life Podcast: An Interview with Jeff Dunas (Part 2)

Jeff Dunas

A Seat at the Table

In this week’s episode of The Photo Life, we continue our discussion with Palm Springs Photo Festival founder and veteran photographer Jeff Dunas about the increasing responsibilities of the photographer to create the future for our industry as well as methods for approaching our primary outlet: the photo book.

About Jeff Dunas

Jeff Dunas is a fine art, portrait and documentary photographer and the founder of of the Palm Springs Photo Festival.

1954 Born in Los Angeles.

1971 Began photography professionally. Completed two years at University of California at Los Angeles.

1972-1980 Contributed photographic essays and portfolios to publications worldwide on a freelance basis.

1974 Established residence in Paris, France.

1981 Founded Melrose Publishing Company. Captured Women published in 6 languages.

1982 Mademoiselle! Published in 3 languages.

1983 Founded Collector’s Editions Ltd., mail order distributor of fine art photography publications.

1983-7 Published twenty four fine art photography books by various authors, including Paper Dolls by Art Kane and By the Sea …

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3 Quick Tips for Husband and Wife Photography Teams

photographers justin and mary marantz

This is part three of The Photo Life Blog Series, True Life: I’m Married to My Business Partner. This series explores how husband and wife photography teams find success when their business and personal lives collide.

1) Compartmentalize. Decide up front who is going to be responsible for what tasks that need to get done in the business. Even if there is some overlap, it’s so great to know where the buck stops on all the different parts of your workflow. That way if something doesn’t get done, then it’s really clear who needs to step it up. And the ever-dreaded blame game can be avoided! 🙂

2) Go out on a date with your spouse, leave your business partners at home. Talk about The Office, plan out that trip to Ireland, dream up your next house projects, heck update each other on your new choice of breakfast cereal if you have to. …

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