Get Out There! How Getting Away Has Grown Our Business

photography business creative sabbatical

You can’t do a good job if your job is all you do.

At the end of the day, your job is an extension of your life. We learned this lesson the hard way, and we’re still learning it. We’re learning that sometimes the best thing you can do for your business is to give it some space. Wide. Open. Space.

As most photographers would say, we’ve always put our clients first. In the six years we’ve been in business, we’ve held tight to this philosophy, knowing that our clients are our greatest partners. In every decision we made, the guiding voice in our heads told us that making ourselves available to our clients would naturally bring us success. And so, we made ourselves available. We answered business phone calls after 5 pm. We shared our Sunday afternoons so we could accommodate our clients’ schedules.  We rearranged our plans when an album …

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The Photo Life Podcast: An Interview with Jeff Dunas (Part 1)

Jeff Dunas

Right of the People to Peaceably Assemble

In this week’s episode of The Photo Life, founder of the Palm Springs Photo Festival and veteran photographer Jeff Dunas speaks about the power of sharing and finding a common voice in the photography industry and the efforts that the Palm Springs Photo Festival makes to provide a forward-thinking, professional platform for that voice to be forged.

About Jeff Dunas

Jeff Dunas is a fine art, portrait and documentary photographer who has amassed an amazing body of work focusing on the nude, blues musicians and street photography. He is also the founder of of the Palm Springs Photo Festival which brings together the best photographers, curators, editors and educators. It was one of the best events revolving around photography held in this country and includes workshops, presentations and portfolio reviews. You can discover more about Jeff’s work by visiting his website.

Photos courtesy of Jeff Dunas.

About the Host …

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How We Find Success in Dependent Systems

Collaboration in Husband and Wife Photography Teams

This is part two of The Photo Life Blog Series, True Life: I’m Married to My Business Partner. This series explores how husband and wife photography teams find success when their business and personal lives collide.

Dave and I have been working together for five years now. Initially, it was hard and some days it still is, but I don’t think we would have it any other way. Erin Youngren wrote an excellent post last week about how they function best by using what she termed “closed systems” in which each person has their own tasks independent of the other person. We do this to an extent (and after their article we are exploring what additional systems we can “close”), however we have found that having what we’ll term “dependent” systems have been hugely beneficial to our business.

As Jeff and Erin point out, “dependent” systems are often frustrating, and slow. However, we …

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Making Photo Enlargements in Lightroom 3

photographer jared platt

Join Jared for his next FREE Lightroom Workflow Q&A Session on Wednesday April 20th at 10 AM PT.

There are plenty of plugins and photoshop methods for enlarging photographs beyond their native size, but Lightroom 3 can match or beat even Genuine Fractals or Perfect Resize on standard every day enlargements.

In this video you will learn how to use Lightroom to enlarge your digital images without the use of Photoshop or a Plugin.

Jared’s Lightroom Workflow Workshop is back on tour. Kansas City, Minneapolis, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Savannah and Orlando are all on the schedule in May and June. To learn more and sign up for the workshop, go to

About Jared Platt

Jared Platt is a professional photographer and photographic educator. He studied photography at Arizona State University where he earned his undergraduate and masters degrees in Photography. He teaches college photography courses as well as workshops for professional photographers and provides …

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The Photo Life Podcast: An Interview with Lisa Lefkowitz

Lisa Lefkowitz with daughter Maya

Silver Halides Know Best

In this week’s episode of The Photo Life, San Francisco based photographer Lisa Lefkowitz shares her thoughts about the enduring beauty of an image captured on film as well as advice to help other professionals distinguish themselves from the ever-increasing industry pack.

About Lisa Lefkowitz

Based in San Francisco, Lisa has been photographing weddings for the past ten years, earning national recognition for her fresh, lifestyle images. She specializes in film photography and brings a Fine Art sensibility to her weddings. Lisa’s work is frequently featured in magazines and on blogs, and has been seen in Martha Stewart Weddings, BRIDES, and Style Me Pretty among many others. Her work has been on the cover of PDN and been featured in an ad for Fujifilm, and she was recently named one of the top wedding photographers in the world by Junebug Weddings. She presented a platform class at WPPI 2011 and will speak …

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How To Integrate Your Pictage and ShootQ Accounts

Your Pictage and ShootQ accounts are now working together. By linking your accounts, it’s easy to synchronize events, add products from the Pictage catalog and create payment schedules in the all new P3, all from ShootQ.

See how to link your Pictage and ShootQ accounts by watching this video tutorial or by following the step-by-step guide below.

To Link Accounts: In your ShootQ Account…

1)   Go to “Settings” and locate Integrations area 2)   Click on Pictage control panel 3)   Enter your Pictage username and password in box on right

Linked Accounts Mean: 1)   A shoot booked in ShootQ will automatically have an event created in Pictage 2)   Updates to confirmed bookings in ShootQ are instantly updated in Pictage

To Send Booked Shoots to Pictage: In your ShootQ Account… 1)   Locate the “Send Events to Pictage” button on left side 2)   Click button 3)   Select shoot choices from existing booked shoots 4)   Click “Done”

To Add Pictage Products to ShootQ: In your ShootQ Account… 1)   Go to “Settings” …

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Defining Unique Roles in Our Business (and Marriage!)

photographers the youngrens

This is part one in The Photo Life Blog Series, True Life: I’m Married to My Business Partner. This series will explore how husband and wife photography teams find success when their business and personal lives collide.

Jeff and I are big believers in closed systems. By sticking to this kind of internal organization within our business, we’ve been able to avoid contention and frustration on several levels – business and personal.

What do I mean by closed systems?

A closed system means that our roles in the business are completely separate from each other, and we don’t have to rely or wait on each other to get a job done.

For example, I am in charge of the blog for our business, so that means that I edit the images that go on the blog, I write the posts, I schedule the blog calendar, I promote the posts via social media, and I …

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Money Management Made Easy

money management made easy for photographers

You’ve just received a check in the mail- YAY!  You run to your bank to deposit it into your business account (or you see that Pictage has automatically deposited it there) and now you feel like you’ve justified your next big equipment purchase, right?  Think again.

If you’re really taking care of your business and your personal life, you’ll divide that money up before you start spending it.  To make it super simple, take half of that check you’ve deposited into your business account and transfer it immediately into your personal account (assuming you’re a sole-proprieter business structure with no employees).  This quick & easy method helps you make sure that you’re bringing home the bacon while still taking care of business.  By maintaining a 50/50 split on your revenue, you’ll gain a clear understanding of when you’re dipping into your personal income to pay for a …

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How to Set Up Google Analytics on Your Photography Site

photographer phil thornton

In this video tutorial, Nashville Photographer Phil Thornton walks you through how to set up Google Analytics for your photography website or blog. If you have any questions or comments (such as unique ways for using Google Analytics), leave them in the comments section below or message Phil on Twitter @PhindyPhil.

Google Analytics Tutorial by Phil Thornton from Phil Thornton on Vimeo.

Written by Phil Thornton

Phil Thornton and his wife Mindy run one of the most successful wedding photography studios in the Nashville market, Phindy Studios. Before entering the photography industry, Phil was a web developer and internet marketing professional. He contributed to several international web marketing projects for clients ranging from Disney to Madonna. He has also helped develop internet marketing strategies for celebrities such as Clint Black, Martina McBride, and Sara Evans.

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4 Ways To Make Your Clients Comfortable On Engagement Shoots

how to make your clients comfortable on their engagement shoot

I spent the entire week stressing about my engagement session.  Though I know that photographers shoot dozens of these sessions each year, I spent hours upon hours doing everything I could to prepare. And still, when the time for our shoot came, I was nervous and insecure.

But within the first few minutes of my engagement shoot, my photographers, Jeff and Erin Youngren, calmed my nerves and set the tone for what turned out to be a wonderful experience.

Though I’m not a photographer myself, I know that great photographers do more than just take nice photos. And being in front of the camera for my engagement session, I was reminded again of how important the client-photographer relationship is. Being a bride myself, I know that a great relationship doesn’t just happen because a photographer sends Thank You cards and has quick email responses.  The in-person experiences before the wedding day play …

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