Smart Marketing for your photography business- 3 tips that will save you time and money!


We are so excited to have Mike Adrian as a guest blogger on the Pictage Blog.

One of the subjects I discuss most with photographers during discussion groups is the topic of marketing. Smart and effective marketing can play a big part in the success of any business. Marketing your business effectively can help elevate your business to the next level and expand your exposure to potential customers. One false misconception is that marketing is expensive and time consuming, that’s not true. Here are 3 tips to add Smart Marketing to your business without breaking the bank! Smart Marketing Tip #1: Know your market by understanding the needs of your client. You need to know who your clients are. Knowing your clients, their like and dislikes, spending habits, demographics, etc… will give you useful information that can be digested to make very sound and smart decisions so that you can tailor your product and services to your clientele. If you …

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Jared Platt: New Pictage Blogger on Post Production

From the Pictage Blog Team: We are so excited to have Pictage Member and prominent Phoenix based photographer, Jared Platt, as a regular contributor to the Pictage Blog. Tune in below for his introduction video blog post. You will find him here on a regular basis delivering tips and advice for your post production workflow.

From Jared: If you have any questions about your post production workflow or would like some advice on the subject, send me an email. I will try to answer your question through a blog post or a podcast in the near future.

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Why Clients Need a Wedding Album


As a Pictage photographer, one of the greatest values Pictage brings your company is the ability to drive increased revenue.  In our business, one of the best ways we’ve found to add value to both our business and to our clients, is through the sale of albums.  An album is a finished piece of art that communicates the clients’ wedding story in a way that nothing else can.  Using the Pictage Album Designer – as well as the many album and book options that Pictage offers is a great way to build your business and add value to your clients.

Educating clients on the value of an album is one of the first steps towards building a valuable part of a wedding photography business.  Here’s our take on it:

Often clients ask about whether or not they really need a wedding album.  Wedding blogs, and other industry “insiders” often suggesting saving money …

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The Value of Community


We would like to welcome Pictage CEO Jim Collins to the Pictage Blog today as he shares about “The Value of Community.”  Jim, along with other executives and members of the Pictage Team, will now be regular contributors to the Pictage Blog… other guests will include CMO Simon Anderson, CFO Kevin Rubin, Senior Director of Customer Experience Michael Caro, and more!

From Jim:

I was talking to Mike Colon not all that long ago and he mentioned that he thought the primary benefit of working with Pictage for any photographer was the community. I’ve had some time to think about it and I think he’s right. Here’s why.

You’ve chosen to be a professional photographer. That’s your living, your path. We all know that a lot of the time it’s great fun. Your interaction with your clients, their faces when they see their pictures or albums …

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Pictage Podcast with Kevin Meyers


This week on the Pictage Podcast Sara talks with Kevin Meyers about ways to be smart with your business from the beginning.  Kevin shares some of the mistakes he has made and lessons he has learned throughout his career.  Listen in for some really great advice on how to keep your business profitable and efficient.


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“Admired by Beckstead” Newest Winners (and bonus Honorable Mentions)

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 7th round of “Admired by Beckstead,” our twice-monthly David Beckstead image contest!

We are so excited to announce this round’s winner… FIRST place goes to Don Bryant of Annapolis, MD. Congratulations Don!

David’s Comments on the winning image: The compositional elements work together perfectly in this shot! The clouds mock the angle of the car. The leading lines of the car move your eyes eventually to the subjects. The depth is just great putting the original hard focus on the front of the car then gently going out of focus (but not too much) to the subjects. The colors are just great! The angle the photographer chose was interesting and different.

Reflections, points of interest, story…all there for us to view again and again. Nice!

SECOND PLACE goes to Jason Karlin of Jamie K Photography in New Jersey.

David’s Comments: Framed perfectly into the negative …

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Mingle with Engle – Anna and Spencer


Anna and Spencer, two of our wonderful community members, came up with the sweetest idea for the Mingle with Engle, a video version! They recently painted a wall in their house to use as a video backdrop and wanted to test it out. They interviewed each other and didn’t look at the Mingle questions until they were filming.

The video is just under 30 minutes so my advice is to sit back, grab some good wine, hot tea, or a fun photographer friend and enjoy!!!

p.s. I am always looking for photographers to interview so please email if you’re interested.

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Lastly, some link love: 

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Pictage Podcast- Andrew Niesen


Hello everyone! Don’t miss out on this week’s podcast! In this week’s podcast, Sara talks with Andrew Niesen about taking the leap from Photographer to Serial Entrepreneur. Andrew discusses the good and the bad of starting a new business, and shares some of the lessons he has learned along the way and how to overcome the challenges of being self-employed.

He also provides some outstanding advice for other photographers thinking about starting a side business. Andrew touches on what you need to do and some really important things to watch out for. This podcast is a great education and conversation about all things photography, business, and Pictage.


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Pictage Camera Toss with Mike Larson


Around 2pm yesterday all of the Pictage employees gathered outside in the parking lot for the most dramatic and exciting company picture in Pictage history. Not only was the picture taken by Pictage member Mike Larson, but we’re pretty sure we set a North American record!

Over 115 employees were instructed to circle around Mike as he sent his camera (actually our CEO Jim’s camera) spinning 25 feet in the air. You may recognize this as his very own “camera toss” technique. If you don’t believe it, check it out below and check out Mike’s blog for more of his camera toss photos.

Thank you to Mike for making this a fun and exciting experience that we won’t forget! And thank you to Pro Consultant Scott Miura for climbing on the roof at Pictage to take pictures of the picture being taken!

First, the proof that it happened… Second, the Pictage company picture!

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Mingle with Engle – Jeff & Betsy McCue


Jeff and Besty McCue of La Vida Creations are awesome photographers and members of the Pictage Community, not to mention huge San Diego PUG advocates!  Check out our recent interview…

Describe your photography style or words that describe your brand? We focus on keeping our couples relaxed during their engagement session as well as on their wedding day. We are fun, easygoing people that live life and love life, and we feel that our branding and imagery reflects that. We capture and document emotions as they happen so they are preserved for generations to come.

What is your favorite thing to shoot? Our dog “Mace Windu” He is a lab-chow mix (we call him a Labrachow).

What is a must read or must see? Whenever we need artistic inspiration, we like to look to the cinema. Amelie is one of our favorite movies for this; it has a whimsical storylines and great cinematography! …

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