Ask & Learn Wednesday with Carlos Baez


Session Topic: See The Light: Passion, Fashion and Inspiration

It takes more than numbers to keep yourself going in the wedding market, it takes deep rooted passion, knowing your style; where you came from and where you want to go. Don’t end up as a photographer having a “break down” due to lack of inspiration. Finding and listening to your inner voice can keep you going with as much energy and vigor as you did the first time you picked up a camera.

Today’s wedding photography market is competitive, and shooting with available light is simply not enough to separate your imagery in the market place. With many photographers’ images looking the same, how can you stand out? Fashion photography is consistently molding what the savvy client is expecting. With the use of many types of lighting, your images can stand out and bring a new edge to your style.


Having …

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Inside the Image of Jules Bianchi


Jules Bianchi (Pictage member since 2003 & LA PUG leader) let me snag today’s image and story from her blog…

“When I first saw Julie’s colors (red tones) I was excited because I knew there was a red wall in the parking lot level of the Walt Disney Concert Hall where she was getting married. For this image, I asked them to hold hands and look at me. I wanted them to simply stand quietly together because I was trying to capture something that might evoke feelings of a vintage wedding image like this one:”

“How I shot it: I was shooting in RAW with my Canon 5D and my new 50mm 1.2 lens. This image was shot in manual mode at 1/80, f 1.6, ISO 500.Because it was rather dark down there, I used my Speedlite Transmitter ST-E2 and had Shannon hold my 580 EX flash to light them. She was off to …

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Tip of the Week with Justin & Mary

Business Cards

Together, Justin & Mary form Justin Marantz Photography in Hartford, CT. It is one of the fastest growing studios on the east coast! They are also the leaders of our very own Harford PUG! Their work has been featured in Brides magazine, Grace Ormonde and La Bella. Mary and Justin founded The Portrait House in 2006 as a worldwide fundraising mission to raise money and awareness for Habitat for Humanity.

What do clients think when you give them your business card? Mary and Justin Marantz have customized their marketing materials to ensure that they stand out from the crowd. What does your card say about you?

Video Produced by Cinematic Studios.

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Mingle with Engle & Emilie Sommer


Describe your photography style or words that describe your brand? My background is in newspaper photojournalism and I approach a wedding no differently than I would a news assignment- carefully and organically documenting the day without intruding or directing.

What is a must read or must see? “Truth Needs No Ally: Inside Photojournalism” by Howard Chapnick and “The Practical Dreamer’s Handbook: Finding the Time, Money, and Energy to Live the Life You Want to Live” by Paul and Sarah Edwards.

What are your work hours? I have a new studio and have been trying to keep to a more normal schedule during the week (9:30a-6p) as I used to work non-stop when I operated out of my home.

What is your favorite thing about Pictage? I love having a one-stop-shop for my printing and album needs, as well as paperless proofing and sharing for my clients.

What lens could you not live without? A new purchase- the 50mm 1.2

How …

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Ask & Learn Today with Liana Lehman


Session Topic: Liana’s Crazy Simple Workflow Simplify your workflow using programs such as Adobe Lightroom and pairing with Pictage so that you can concentrate on doing what you do best! She will touch on an actual workflow to take better photos straight from the camera, starting with an end in mind, and the need for SPEED!

Biography Liana loves her life and career! She is honored to spend her time shooting destination weddings in the US and abroad, speaking at major industry conventions, and helping other small businesses in her spare time. She recently become an Approved Business Instructor (ABI) for PPA, and is currently one of the only working professional photographers certified and willing to teach managerial accounting and business planning to other wedding and portrait photographers. Liana’s website recently received PPA’s AN-NE award for the 2006 Website of the Year. She is a third-generation entrepreneur and graduate of an …

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Tip of the week with Melissa Jill

It’s Monday again, and time for another Pictage Tip of the Week! This feature is where we bring you photography, business and Pictage tips from some of our top photographers and PUG leaders. Special thanks to Cinematic Studios for the filming and production of these clips.

Melissa Jill was a sophomore in high school when a camera was first placed in her hands and she was hooked! She never imagined that as a Philosophy and Christian Ministries major at Azusa Pacific University in CA, that she would one day create for a living. She always thought of art as a hobby until a friend, David Jay, started and grew his successful studio in Santa Barbara, CA. She started her business in the spring of 2003 and still marvels every day that she spends her life doing something she enjoys so much. Melissa Jill is our Phoenix PUG leader and has …

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Ask & Learn Today with Jared Bauman!


Session Topic: “Business 101- Structuring Your Business for Maximum Profit”

Bauman Photographers has something unique in the wedding photography industry – associate photographers who book at the same rate as the main photographer. Jared will share with you how he has teamed up with several photographers to maximize the success and profitability of the company. Find out how you can add both associate and partner photographers that increase the visibility, pricing, and revenue of your company. Also, learn how to build a successful business structure that will allow you to succeed financially.

Bio: Jared Bauman

Within only a few years, Jared has built a company that photographs 90 weddings annually with an average package price of $6,000. In addition to the company’s success, Jared has structured the business in a way that allows him several months off each year. Jared and his photography partner Bronson Pate have released an educational …

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Inside the Image of Angela Anderson


Today’s image was given to us by Angela Anderson of Angela Anderson Photography…

“This photo is a recent favorite of mine, taken this month. I love doing bridal portraits in my studio because it affords me perfect weather and a lot of control. Since I have control-issues this works well for me! One of the walls in my studio just happened to have this amazing light pattern that typically comes in in the early evening. I love it because it looks like impressionistic brush strokes. I had Andrea, my bride, think of something that made her feel serene. I intentionally focused soft on her, because I thought it fit with the styling of the photograph. It is deep and dramatic and that is just so me, so yay!”

The 411: Taken with a Canon 5d with a 50 1.2 lens

ISO 250, 1/60, 1.8

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Mingle with Engle and Paul Manke


Describe your photography style or words that describe your brand? My style is still being defined! I try to catch the moments as they happen, and I’m learning how to make some of those special moments happen too. I also still do a lot of formals because you know grandma and aunt Martha still want all the formal photos.

What are your work hours? Whenever I can fit them in. My partner is always telling me to relax a bit. But I am always trying to fit something in!

What is your favorite thing about Pictage? Pictage gives me the ability to focus my attention on my clients and creating beautiful memories for them. Not to mention Pictage is an awesome source of income for our business.

What lens could you not live without? My 70-200 2.8 although I am starting to fall in love with my new 50 macro!

What workflow tools do you use? Currently I am …

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Ask & Learn Today with Melissa Jill


Session Topic: “Join the Blog Revolution” Have you noticed that your expensive ads in magazines aren’t leveraging as much business as they used to? Times are changing and more and more people are tuning out interruption-based advertising. Instead of relying on ads, people are increasingly trusting their relationships and the reliable word-of-mouth their friends offer. Blogging is an effective way to leverage this change in our business culture. And the best part about blog-based marketing – IT’S FREE! Don’t be left behind – Melissa Jill will tell you how she has used blogging to successfully boost her business to the next level in just one year.

Bio: Melissa Jill took photography classes in high school and college but never dreamed she would be an artist or business woman for a living. After graduating college and working as a graphic designer for a stint, she realized her deep need to do something …

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