Ready to get serious about your photography business? The Photo Life is the place for photographers new to the industry to find practical resources to help them survive the first few years of business and thrive long-term! Whether it’s technical lighting advice you’re seeking or best business practices, The Photo Life is your go-to resource for advice that will help you jump start your photography business.

Top Tips for Starting a Successful Photography Business:

1. Steps to Identifying your Ideal Client

2. What Every Photographer Should Know about Business

3. How Photographers Can Use Facebook Timeline

4. What Every Photographer Should Know about Pinterest

5. The Power of Portrait Photography

6. To Sell More, Think More Like Your Customer!

7. When Fear is a Good Thing!

8. How to Get Word of Mouth Referrals

9. Best Business Practices II

10. Best Business Practices Continued!

11. Ways Workflows will Save Your A$$

12. Get Organized & Get Your Life Back!

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