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Who’s behind The Photo Life?

The team at Matchstick Strategies, in collaboration with Pictage and content contributors from the photo community.

“This is an image I made at Ground Zero Blues Club in Mississippi that reminds me how important improvisation is to both musicians and photographers.”

Rachel LaCour Niesen

“In my free time, I collect wine and photo books and occasionally wrangle photographers!”
Twitter: @rachellacour
Location: Atlanta, GA

Rachel is a photographer and community builder, drawing from her training in journalism to craft campaigns and create customer communities that hinge on narrative techniques. Combining practical knowledge of photography with a decade of experience as a business owner, she helped build a homegrown management application, ShootQ, into an innovative SaaS company that became the industry standard for photography business management. She loves traveling and tasting wine.

“This image was taken right after the couple’s wedding ceremony while they were playing in an old canoe that belonged to the groom’s family.”

Katie Humphreys

“In my free time, I love hiking, playing outside with my puppy and exploring Denver!”
Twitter: @katiehumphreys
Location: Denver, CO

As a photography business owner, Katie discovered her passion for helping small businesses develop ideas and systems to build successful, sustainable businesses. Over the last eight years, Katie has been involved in developing resources for photographers and helping build photographer communities around the country. She enjoys working with companies to execute big picture plans in order to meet their big picture goals. When she’s not reading business blogs or making action plans, she enjoys spending time outside in her home of Denver, Colorado, practicing yoga, and of course, feeding her Pinterest obsession.

“This is my family’s story captured in a single image of my dad and my sister on her wedding day.” Photo by The Youngrens

Elizabeth Villa Ippolito

“A Vienna latte and a blinking cursor on my laptop is the perfect afternoon.”
Twitter: @elizabethipp
Location: South Pasadena, CA

The concepts of community and bringing people together to collaborate on a common cause have been passions of Elizabeth’s for a long time. Combining her love of writing with entrepreneurial skills, she enjoys shaping big ideas and bringing them to fruition. Along the way she enjoys starting her day with a green smoothie and finishing the day with a craft cocktail.